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Umesh Kamat offered ‘Yeh’ for a nude shoot; Excitement over model’s claim

Mumbai: Businessman Raj Kundra was arrested on July 19 in a pornography case. After that his police custody has been extended till July 27. After Raj Kundra’s pornography business, the actress, who is struggling for several careers, has made several revelations about Raj Kundra in her reaction to the issue. One such actress is Nikita Flora Singh. In one of his tweets, Nikita made serious allegations against Raj Kundra and his PA Umesh Kamat. He has said in his tweet that Umesh Kamat has lured many actresses with money to implicate them in the porn business.

Nikita Flora Singh wrote on her Twitter handle, ‘I was asked by Umesh Kamat to shoot nude on Raj Kundra’s Hot Shots app in November last year. But I turned him down. Umesh Kamat had promised to give me Rs 25,000 a day. But I turned down his offer to shoot nude. I was surprised that now both of them have been arrested. By the grace of God, I did not fall prey to this proposal related to Raj Kundra. She is struggling in her career in this business by showing the greed of money to many actresses. A girl from Jharkhand got divorced because she worked for Raj Kundra.

Earlier, actress Shruti Gera had made sensational allegations in an interview given to a newspaper. He said in the interview, ‘Newcomers are often given nude videos with drugs in Bollywood. Then they are forced to act in porn films. Shruti further said in her interview, “Raj Kundra’s company used to contract with newcomers saying that they would be given jobs in web shows. After that they were asked to make obscene videos. Some actresses even said that Gave that some people in Raj’s company had asked him for a nude video.

Meanwhile, Raj Kundra has also denied all the allegations against him. He has also appealed in the Mumbai High Court that the case registered against him is illegal. Raj Kundra’s police custody has been extended till July 27 in a similar hearing held on Friday. Police say that Raj Kundra is not cooperating in the interrogation. Actress Shilpa Shetty has also denied all the allegations against her husband Raj Kundra. She said that the video aired on Hot Shots was not pornographic but an erotica. He said that there is a difference between porn and erotica and the company the police is talking about is not Raj Kundra but his sister’s husband.

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