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People who speak to me say that Vairamuthu is a giant in the field of Tamil literature. There is hardly a person in Tamil cinema literature who is ‘bigger’ than Vairamuthu. A big comparison I get is that Vairamuthu in Tamil is like MT Vasudevan Nair in Malayalam. During his forty years of film and literary career, Vairamuthu wrote more than 7,500 songs. Seven National Awards, Kendra Sahitya Akademi Award, Padma Bhushan.

Here in the room is Chinmayi Sripada singing on the Amazon Music app.

The place where the reign begins is Neethane,
വാനം മുടിയുമിടം നീതാനേ

The song changed the life of Chinmayi’s playback singer from the 2002 film Mani Ratnam, Kannathil Muthamittal. Vairamuthu wrote these lines for AR Rahman. At the age of 20, Chinmayi may never sing that life-changing song in Vairamuthu’s lyrics.

Vairamuthu at a public function – Photo: BCCL / File

Vairamuthu will be charged with sexual assault in 2018. Chinmayi tweeted that one of the organizers had come to a concert in Switzerland and asked her to visit Vairamuthu’s hotel. When the demand to cooperate with Vairamuthu was rejected, the organizer replied that it would ruin his career.

One of the greatest geniuses in the world of Tamil literature and cinema came under suspicion after Chinmayi wrote the incident which has only vague memories. The allegations escalated when journalist Sandhya Menon later revealed Vairamuthu’s ‘revelations of anonymous victims’ on Twitter.

‘I (Vairamuthu) snuck in and kissed me I didn’t know what to do. I said ‘OK sir, thank you’ and ran away from his house ‘- a revelation tweeted by Sandhya Menon.

The general reaction on social media to the allegations against Vairamuthu was that he was a faceless opener. But Chinmayi stood firm.

I openly admit that Vairamuthu is at fault. Those in his office know all this. His relatives know this. All of them are helping him. You are well aware of what you have done, Vairamuthu Sir. With all due respect, time has passed. – Chinmayi wrote in a tweet in 2018.

While the world of Tamil cinema and literature remains silent, Sindhuja Rajaram, a musician and English news website ScrollVairamuthu was publicly accused in the interview.

In an interview published in October 2018, Sindhuja Rajaram said that she met Vairamuthu in Chennai when she was only 18 years old and then called him regularly and harassed him.

Sindhuja revealed that she had written poems about herself and that Vairamuthu had forced her to come to the office. “Vairamuthu once said on the phone that he was in love with you.”

Vairamuthu has categorically denied the allegations. Vairamuthu’s publicity response in 2018 is that it is becoming a culture in a country that spreads slander against celebrities. Beyond that, Vairamuthu has not matured into a response on this issue.

Chinmayi Singer MeToo Campaign

Singer Chinmayi Sreepada – Photo: BCCL

In May 2021, the jury of the ONV Cultural Academy, chaired by Adoor Gopalakrishnan, decided to award the Vairamuthu Literary Award named after the late poet ONV Kurup. The ONV Cultural Academy is represented by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, writer MT Vasudevan Nair and CPM politburo member MA Baby.

The decision to award the prize to Vairamuthu was met with fierce protests. Along with Chinmayi Sreepaday, Malayalam film actress Parvathy Thiruvoth and writer KR Meera opposed the decision to give the award to Vairamuthu.

‘The ONV Literary Award is not an award that examines one’s character. The award is given for excellence in writing. Or else a special award should be given for character. ‘ – Adoor Gopalakrishnan News Website The Q.Vino responded.

The ONV Cultural Academy decided to reconsider the decision during the protests. Vairamuthu later turned down the award and appeared on social media. In a video posted on YouTube, Vairamuthu announced that the award was being returned. Vairamuthu’s request is to donate the award amount of Rs 3 lakh to the Chief Minister’s Disaster Relief Fund. The video also states that he will pay Rs 2 lakh from his own pocket.

With Vairamuthu’s award controversy, two things were discussed. One, the Meetoo allegations against Vairamuthu were discussed again. Second, the question arose as to whether art or the character of the artist should be considered when giving the award.

Vairamuthu Yesudas BCCL

With Vairamuthu singer Yesudas. Photo: BCCL / FILE

According to the English News website, the Tamil film industry has not questioned Vairamuthu even after the revelation of Chinmayi Sreepada. The First Post monitoring.

Women mostly supported Chinmayi. Adults Vairamuthu. Vairamuthu has a career and influence spanning over half a century. The old men suspected the sex offenders. Meetoo is a Western fashion statement. At a news conference called by female players, most male reporters moved to teasing instead of questions – First Post observes in a news story published in 2018.

Now BJP leader Khushboo, musician AR Rahman, actor Kamal Haasan and renowned director Bharathiraja have not taken a stand against Vairamuthu. Many viewed the allegations with suspicion. Rahman, who won an Oscar, however, expressed support for the revelations.

It is understood that the caste and political equations in Tamil Nadu also play a role in the silence against Vairamuthu. Vairamuthu, a spokesman for Dravidian politics, said he was a favorite of the DMK. Time Tamil Says journalist Mahesh Babu.

Vairamuthu was very close to Karunanidhi. The first reaction was that Chinmayi’s allegation was to help the BJP. Such reactions stemmed from the idea that Vairamuthu, a cultural icon, should be protected in the clash between Dravidian politics and right-wing politics. Also, many on social media have raised allegations against Chinmayi that the allegations stem from Brahminical domination. Vairamuthu is a favorite of the majority Tamil media supporting Dravidian politics, says English news website The Quint‍ Observed in 2018.

Vairamuthu Karunanidhi

On stage with Vairamuthu Karunanidhi. Photo: BCCL / FILE

The world’s most explosive meet was unveiled in October 2017. Famous actresses including Rose McGowan and Ashley Judd have come forward against Oscar-winning filmmaker Harvey Weinstein. The report in the US newspaper The New York Times shocked the world entertainment industry.

Weinstein was later accused by Hollywood actresses such as Mira Cervino, Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie. At first Weinstein tried to get fat by apologizing but had to face the law. Harvey has been mentioned more than God in the stars’ Thanksgiving speeches at the Oscars. Attempting to make a comparison, it can be said that the allegations against Vairamuthu are almost the same as the allegations against Harvey Weinstein.

There was a more serious problem with the atrocities of Harvey Weinstein. Because Weinstein’s weird behavior was an open secret in Hollywood. Quinn Tarantino, a friend of Winston’s and a well – known director, and actress Jennifer Lawrence admitted that they knew Harvey was not a good person. But the fact is that fame and influence in Hollywood have always saved Harvey.

Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein at trial. Photo: AP

The question raised by the Vairamuthu controversy in Kerala is to what extent the character of the artist will influence the respect for art. The allegation made by Adoor Gopalakrishnan was followed by many. Despite the lack of accurate information, 17 people have leveled allegations against Vairamuthu. In this, Chinmayi and Sindhuja appeared in public. Both did not take legal action. Vairamuthu had initially said that he would take legal action against the accused, but it did not happen later.

Statistics show that it is rare for allegations to go to court in meet revelations. According to the US news website Axios, hundreds of allegations were leveled against celebrities in 2017, but only seven were prosecuted. According to figures released by Axios in October 2020, 201 top executives have lost their jobs.

There are a number of celebrities who remain in the shadow of the allegations. Famous American director Woody Allen has denied allegations that his daughter molested him at the age of seven.

Oscar-winning co-director Roman Polanski has fled to France after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl. Polanski has been charged with five counts of torture so far. At the same time, The Pianist (2002) is one of the greatest films of all time, based on the life of Polanski during the Nazi occupation.

In February 2020, the famous actress Adele Haneil stepped down from the Caesar Awards, France’s highest film award, in protest of the announcement of the Roman Polanski Award.

This year alone, Oscar winner Kevin Spacey, who has been accused of sexually abusing about 20 men, has returned to acting. The actor went missing in 2017 after high-profile serious allegations against Space.

Silence is the worldwide response to allegations leveled against celebrities. It helped Vairamuthu for two years. It may come back again this October.

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