Vamika 6 months: Viruska celebrated six months with daughter Vamika; Anushka Sharma with photo sharing

Virat Kohli raising daughter

Celebrity couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli’s daughter Vamika is now six months old. He has not shared the picture of the child’s face for at least six months. The baby is now in its sixth month and the couple is having a small family picnic. Anushka Sharma has shared a photo of it. Not even a child’s face. Though there is a picture of Virat Kohli lifting the baby, it is not visible except on the back of the child. In another photo, we see Vamika lying on her mother Anushka Sharma’s stomach.

Sharing a photo on Instagram, Anushka Sharma captioned, “A daughter’s laughter has the power to change our whole world. Also the three of us said goodbye to the sixth month. That means when Vamika was six months old. By then both of us had become parents.

Virushka is further emphasizing on privacy on the birth of the couple. Media and photographers are not allowed to click on his picture. We are making a petition as parents.. It is our responsibility to protect our daughter’s privacy. In this we need all your support and cooperation. We will definitely reveal the things that matter to us. But stay away from things that matter to our daughter. Virushka couple had earlier said that you thought you understood.

Similarly, Virat Kohli has already told why we do not post Vamika’s photo on social media. My daughter doesn’t know the meaning of social media. He has to grow up a bit and understand all this. Then he has to choose. Till then, we don’t want to put up a picture of him,” said Virat Kohli. Vamika was born on 11th January. Yesterday was filled for six months till July 11. Anushka Sharma shared her sixth month birthday party photo Anushka Sharma posted her younger daughter’s first post on the day her name surfaced.

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Anushka Sharma Virat Kohli celebrated 6 months birthday of Vamika

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