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Video: Dramaquin Rakhi Sawant directly demanded PM Modi … – Drama queen Rakhi Sawant demanded PM Modi to bring dollars from America, watch video viral

Mumbai: Bollywood’s drama queen is Rakhi Sawant. Rakhi is such an artist of Bollywood that she speaks clearly whatever comes in her mind. He is not worried about the consequences. In such a situation, his videos become very viral on social media. Users are also commenting on their videos. Recently a video of Rakhi went viral on social media. Not only this, he also said that he should bring something for her.

What did Rakhi say?

Where Rakhi goes, there are often photographers outside the gym. He wants answers from Rakhi on the current situation in the country. A photographer standing outside the gym told Rakhi that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has gone to America. What message would you give them? Rakhi has answered this question asked by the photographer. So this video is becoming very viral on social media.

After listening to the question asked by the photographer, Rakhi thinks for two minutes and says, ‘Namaste Modiji, I am glad to know that you have gone to America. Give my love and my message to all the Indians out there. Tell them that I love them very much. Rakhi further says, ‘Modiji, before returning to India, do some shopping for me from America and bring some items. Suppose you don’t buy some things, but bring me dollars.’ This funny video of Rakhi has become viral on social media and is in discussion.

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