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Video- Mika Singh’s car broke down in Mumbai rain at 3 pm, hundreds of people came for help

Mumbai One of the favorite singers in Bollywood is Mika Singh who has a huge fan following. Mika Singh’s car stopped at midnight in the rain in Mumbai. On Saturday night, Mika was going home when his SUV got stuck on the middle of the road. Meanwhile, when people came to know that singer Mika Singh’s car was stuck in the middle of the road, hundreds of people rushed to help.

Mika Singh was very happy to see the people who came for help and thanked the people wholeheartedly. Mika said, ‘Our car has broken down here but see how many people came to help. There are at least 200 people to help. watch the video-

Mika Singh had earlier come into the limelight on social media regarding his feud with Kamal R Khan. Meanwhile, Salman raised the controversy between Mika Singh and KRK. KRK had given objectionable statement against Salman Khan. This time Mika took Salman’s side and told KRK well. On Saturday, Mika Singh appeared in the concert of Rahul Vaidya and Disha Parmar. He also sang some of the best songs in this program.

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