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Video: Rahul Vaidya- Disha Parmar wedding ceremony concluded, fans stunned to see Navradev’s romantic style

MumbaiContestant and singer of ‘Bigg Boss 14’ Rahul Vaidya has married popular actress Disha Parmar. A few days ago, Disha and Rahul announced their marriage in front of the fans. Photos and videos of many wedding rituals went viral on social media. Now a video of Disha and Rahul beating each other is also going viral on social media. Fans are also fed up with Rahul’s romantic style.

‘Jokes about being a TV actor in Bollywood’

Rahul and Disha got married at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Mumbai. In the video, Rahul and Disha are seen dressed as bride and groom. Disha is wearing a red colored lehenga, while Rahul is also there. Rahul looks like a prince with a cap on his head. Earlier in the video, Disha is seen wearing a ring to Rahul. After this, Rahul gets down on his knees and puts the ring on the finger of the direction. Fans are very fond of this prediction of Rahul. After this, both are seen wearing each other’s necklace. In such a situation, his family is showering rose petals on Disha and Rahul.

This video of Rahul Disha’s wedding has become viral on social media. Fans of Rahul and Disha are wishing them all the best. Other actors are also wishing Rahul and Disha a happy marriage. Earlier, pictures of Rahul and Disha’s Halad and Mehndi Ceremony went viral on social media. Rahul and Disha enjoyed the ceremony with their families. Now the fans are eagerly waiting for the reception of Rahul and Disha.

Rahul- Disha’s wedding pavilion was decorated, this place will be married

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