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Viral Video: Do ​​you know what is Glamorous Drunk Chariot? Why you should not drive under the influence of alcohol Traffic police shared the video of a drunk man on Facebook and Twitter viral

Drunk bike video clip

Hyderabad: You saw a drunken driver climbing on the way. Drinking is not the only risk for you and not for the people who drive next to you. Telangana Traffic Police has released a video of a man intoxicated during the song and has told how he was riding his bike. This video is now becoming very viral.

The Cyberabad Traffic Police of Telangana has edited the video captured in CCTV and posted it on Facebook and Twitter. Their aim is to make people understand. But, now that the video is funny, many people are sharing it. How was the plight of that drunkard? How did he scare the oncoming motorists with his presence? what is here Click Take a look for yourself!

This video has been recorded in the CCTV installed near Ibrahimpalli Gate in Chevella, Hyderabad. During the day, a drunken youth got unconscious riding on a bike. During this, he fell next to the passing car. The bike rider behind him picks up the drunkard and lifts the bike. Back on the highway, the road on which the bike is riding drunk, keeps staring at the oncoming people.

He was going on the road like a snake. He was going from one end of the road to the other by bike. However, as his perception was out of proportion, a car collided with a bike and he fell in the middle of the road. Watch this video without miss…

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(Why you should not drive under the influence of alcohol, Viral video of traffic police on Facebook and Twitter goes viral)

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