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Viral Video: Watch the new Hathi Bhagya video What’s wrong with you? | Wild elephants accuse humans of disturbing them while crossing the road Watch the viral video and think about it

ragged elephant

The struggle between man and animal today is not tomorrow. But, as the day progresses, it is only increasing. In the name of development, if man enters the habitat of animals, then the displaced animals are going in a pulse. In such a situation, both humans and wild animals have to face many disasters. There have been reports of animal attacks and man-to-man attacks. Recently, a similar confrontation has been seen in a viral video on the social network. A large group of elephants crossing the road and a group of men shouting for them on either side of the valley tells the sad story of the struggle between the beast and the man. gazetteA giant elephant has renewed the angry man. In such a situation, by watching this video completely, the question of the person being wrong or wrong does not arise.

While there is some confusion about this incident, it is becoming very viral since last two days. A group of tens of elephants has been caught on a roadside camera. Groups, including cubs, were going along the shore into the forest. However, more than ever, the men who have been cheering have moved on closer and happily.

As can be seen in the video many people in the street were shouting and scolding the elephants and threatening the elephants. He threatened them by holding stones, colorful clothes etc. in their hands. Some of the elephants crossing the road in front of the crowd have shown some resistance, but stubborn people continue to behead them.

When the whole courtyard went into the forest, a big elephant turned around to see the people approaching. An angry elephant chased away the people standing on the road because there were also cubs. When an elephant came to shout and shout at the screaming people, everyone ran. However, a man has run away in a drought and the elephant is angry at him. Once out of the trunk, an angry elephant got stuck in its leg, trampled and then went into the forest. Though it appears from the video that it may have harmed his life, but there is no exact information available. However, elephants going into the forest are at risk of being bitten and are actually considered irresponsible. Ask yourself who should be here.

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(Wild elephant accuses humans of disturbing while crossing the road Watch viral video and think)

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