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Want a list of the best Kannada movies to watch on YouTube for free?

It has been a long time since Kannada films were opened in the digital market. Still, good images of Kannada are less in OTT than in other languages. Not all of them are OTT clients, although there are a lot of pictures. YouTube is the first answer to the question which platform is best for Kannada movies. Confused about what pictures to see in free time? Read it.

1. ‘I’m Not Her, She’: Recently, Kannada film industry lost its legendary actor Sanchari Vijay. Want to see his acting prowess live forever in the hearts of the audience with his performance? So see the picture of ‘I am not that, that’. There has never been another film depicting Marshkamukhi’s life in such detail in the history of Indian cinema. This kind of craftsmanship and artistic craftsmanship is visible in every scene of the film. This image is only available on YouTube. The film is directed by BSLingade. This film has received many national awards.

2. Functions: Directed by MK Indira’s novel Prema Karantha, the film has garnered critical acclaim for a number of reasons. The story narrates the life of a widow in the backdrop of a highland. Novel and movie fans are here to enjoy it.

3. Ayu son of Butaiah: Siddalingaiah directed the film of the same name based on the story of Goruru Ramaswamy Iyengar. Released in 1974, the film draws attention to its regional charm and story of a pure Kannada destination.

4. Debut of Mother Earth: The 1998 film Hattrick Hero, starring Shivraj Kumar and Ramesh Aravind, discusses the depths of love and friendship. The film is directed by Rajendra Singh Babu. The film was titled after a poem by DR Bendre.

5. Flow: Based on a column by Dr. Asha Benakappa, the film is directed by Mansoor. The film has received the National Award. Yatra Vijay plays the protagonist, and the film discusses how the father-son relationship breaks down over time.

6. Mathematics: Math is a parody of current religious issues. It was produced and directed by Guruprasad. The highlight of the film is that the song “Jayate, Jayate Satyamev Jayate” was composed in 1969 by Kumar Sitaram Shastri and sung by Mannadi.

7. Conformity: The Karnataka State Film Award winning film is produced and directed by P. Lankesh. It was composed by Rajiv Taranath. Anant Nag and Aarti are on the mainland.

8: Katha Sangam (Puttanna Kanagal): Poonam Kanagal’s experimental film released in 1976 is based on three stories. Based on the stories of Girardi Govindraj Hangu, Vinara Guest and Ishwar Chandra Munitai, the film stars Rajinikanth, B. Saroja Devi and Aarti are there.

9. Children: Directed by TS Nagabharan, Vijay Raghavendra starred as a child artist. The music for the film was composed by C. Ashwath. Many people including Avinash, Sudhani, Dattatreya have portrayed the film.

10. Chomanadudi: The film based on the novel of the same name has won the National Swarnakamala Award. The film, directed by Biwi Karantha, discusses the caste system and poverty. MV Vasudev Rao is appearing on the mainland.

11. Guru-Disciple: Directed by Bhargava, produced by Dwarkesh, the film also stars Vishnuvardhan, Manjula, Dwarkesh and Jayamalini Nodala. Though the film is a remake of Telugu, it has been adapted into Kannada regional. The film was released in 1981.

Image is available at this link: Jupiter – Disciple

12. Kasturi Niwas: Directed by Raja-Bhagwan and starring Dr Rajkumar, the film is the number one film till date. Released in 1971, the film has completed 100 days in 16 theatres. The film was released in 2014, which was painted in black and white. The film received an unprecedented response from the audience.

Image is available at this link: musk abode

13. Gauri Ganesh: Directed by Phani Ramachandra, he wrote the story and dialogues for the film. Anantnag, Vinay Prasad, Ramesh Bhatt and Chief Minister Chandra have shared the screen. Phani Ramachandra has directed several films in the Ganesh series, all of which have been praised by critics.

Image is available at this link: Gauri Ganesh

14. Once upon a time: Directed by Girish Karnad, the film introduced Shankar Nag to Kannada. Karnad claimed that it was influenced by the films of famous Japanese director Akira Kurasovara. Singer Kavita Krishnamurthy started her career with cinema. The music of the film is by Bhaskar Chandavarkar.

Image is available at this link: Once upon a time

15. Island: Helmed and produced by the late Soundarya, a renowned actress from South India, the film has garnered national acclaim. The film is directed by Girish Kasaravalli, based on the original story of Nadisoja. The film is based on the lives of people who lose their land due to dam construction.

Image is available at this link: island

16. Family Tree: Based on the novel of the same name by SL Bhairappan, the film was directed by Girish Karnad and Biwi Karantha. LV Sharda played the lead role. Actor Vishnuvardhan made his debut in Kannada cinema through this film. Anil Kapoor acted in the Telugu remake titled ‘Vamavanshaksharam’.

Image is available at this link: family tree

17. Abchur Post Office: N. Directed by Laxminarayan, the film is based on the name of Poornachandra Tejashwi. The film, which released in 1973, has been composed by Vijay Bhaskar. The film discusses the importance of business ethics.

Image is available at this link: Post Office in Abachur

18. Sticky: Directed by Duniya Suri, the film has been written by Suri and Rajesh Natrang himself. Shivraj Kumar, Radhika Pandit and Aindrita Ray are the main characters. The film is about a man who tries to leave the underworld and lead a normal life.

Image is available at this link: sticky

19. Master: Directed by R Seshadri and Radha Bharti, the film discusses family values. Vishnuvardhan plays a double role alongside Prema, Shashikumar and Abhijeet. The songs of this film still do not impress people.

Image is available at this link: Owner

20. The Story of an Egg: The film is directed by Raj B Shetty, who does a light-hearted comedy about bald-headed people. The film itself stars Raj B Shetty, who uses Dr Rajkumar’s songs in the background to complement the film.

Image is available at this link: story of an egg

(Note: This list attempts to give you a list of officially available images and links to YouTube, and gives you a selection of twenty images that can be viewed over and over again, at all times.

(Best Free Kannada Movies Available on YouTube)

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