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Wants to bring Lingayat leaders backed by CM Yediyurappa to Congress: Former Minister MB Patil | CM Yediyurappa to Lingayat leader Congress

Former Irrigation Minister MB Patil (file image)

Belgaum: Yediyurappa is a very big leader of the Lingayat community. Chief Minister for this. The Congress party also has senior Lingayat leaders like Prakash Hukri and AB Patel. We have convinced the high command to give the status of Lingayat leaders in the Congress party. When Virendra Patil was in Congress, we got 180 seats. After Virendra Patil, we have got a slight setback. To bring it back, all leaders will work together in the direction of elders, former minister MB. MB Patil said.

Responding to a question asked by Lingayat Chief Minister BS Yediyurappa’s supporters in the Congress party, he said the future of politics is open to the possibility of bringing such leaders into the Congress.

Commenting on Lingayat independence, he said, “We have not started Lingayat freedom struggle. The struggle for free religion started in the 12th century. MB Patil, former minister in Belgaum, clarified that today there is no new debate on Lingayat independence. In 1938, 1940, 1942, elders started fighting for Lingayat independence. Discussions took place on the construction of Shivnabhuva newspaper, Basavadi Sarnara library. Former minister MB Patil told reporters.

Former minister MB Patel, who met Dr Siddaram Swamiji of Gadag Totadarya Math at Naganoor Rudraksh Math in Belgaum, answered questions from the press.
I met CM Yediyurappa and discussed the reprint of Shivanubhavam newspaper. We have thought of collecting and reprinting the Shivanubhavam newspaper. The idea to consolidate Basavadi Surrender Books is to set up an international library. We will discuss this issue with Sril. He also said that he would also visit the Srikalas of Chikkur Math, Siddha Ganga Math and Kakalasangam Math.

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(Former minister MB Patil says he will try to support CM Yeddyurappa Lingayat leaders to Congress)

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