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What exactly do you need to prepare for the role of a doctor? Artist says…

the role is pacified
We also explain the medical term used in the series to make it more accessible to the general public. The credit for this goes to the writer and director. The author writes for an occasion on the advice of her doctor friends. I also talk to my doctor friends about the overall behavior of the doctor. While performing an action as a doctor, a specialist doctor thinks about how to do it. Abhishek is playing. I went to a friend’s clinic and did some demonstrations about using the machine. The role of Dr. Abhishek has calmed me down a lot.
– Niranjan Kulkarni, where mother does what

the real ‘god’
Dr. When I came to know that Ajit Kumar Dev wanted to play this role, I started watching how doctors talk and treat patients. Dr. Devisingh though is a sage to others, but he has a different kind of deception in his mind. So I wanted to combine these two feelings while acting. At first I found it very challenging. For that, I observed the behavior and speech of some of my doctor friends. Doctors are the real ‘God’ in everyone’s life. The best example of how a doctor should not be is Dr. Devisingh.
– Kiran Gaikwad, Devmanushi

knowledge of scientific terms
I myself am in medical field. Since I was a linguist and an audiologist, I knew many medical terms. But in preparation for the role, I started digging a little deeper. I chat with my doctor friends so that nothing is missed during filming. Dr. My focus is on Janhvi’s acting, her gestures as a doctor, her gestures, her antics, her speech. Any doctor can handle a difficult situation with patience; In such a situation, we need to control our emotions. I’m trying to bring it up.
Gauri Deshpande, wife

great responsibility
Since this cycle has just started, the personality of Dr. Adiraj is yet to be revealed. Directors, writers help to understand certain terms. We also get to see different forms of doctors. Presently I am Dr. Adiraj trying to show how he is as a person. Overall Dr. Adiraj is studying this personality. Respect for doctors has definitely increased during the Corona period. During this time I came in contact with my doctors in various ways on many occasions and I have seen their hard work and efforts closely. I am definitely happy to play the role of a doctor today; But doing it in the right way is also a big responsibility.

– Umesh Kamat, it’s still raining

observation is important
During the coronation period, I myself went to the front line and worked for three months, realizing how difficult and dire conditions doctors work. My mother and sister are doctors. So I have a preconceived notion about the patient’s condition. In the series, the author wrote the code only after thorough study. As an artist, I felt the need to study doctors’ methods of explaining patients, quietly telling facts to their relatives. I also saw my family doctor. My nature is different from that of Dr. Karthik. That’s why I try to bring peace and restraint in them.
– Ashutosh Gokhale, I have a different complexion

Collection: Gauri Bhide

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