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What kind of help did Sonu Sood get from people? it can’t be measured

Sonu Sood

Actor Sonu Sood need not introduce. So much so that they are famous. He has more fans because of social service than films. He is known as ‘Real Hero Sonu Sood’ for helping thousands of people in lockdown. Till date he has never stopped serving. He always helps the poor. Sonu Sood’s birthday today (July 30). Happy birthday to him from all over the country.

Sonu Sood is helping the poor. They are educating and treating many people by spending their money. He has financed many poor people to start their own business. What has Sonu Sood got from people? It cannot be measured with money.

Many people have named their son Sonu Sood. The picture of Sonu Sood as well as the picture of God is worshiped in the homes of many people. This is the love people have for him. Apart from this, the name of Sonu Sood is now named after many stores across the country. As such, none of these are luxury stores. Small mobile shop, welding shop and mutton shop are being honored by Sonu.

Through this people are giving more respect, love and affection to Sonu Sood than any other actor. Birthday party Telugu Desam Party president N. Chandrababu Naidu also congratulated.

You are a beacon of hope and an inspiration to countless citizens. You are a real hero. I wish you good health, happiness and success. Happy birthday,” tweeted Chandrababu Naidu.

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