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What more does your world need! ; Another new series in the world of small screen

Mumbai: Some popular serials on Zee Marathi channel are saying goodbye to the audience. Now a new Marathi series is starting at that place. The promos of this new series have been released. Seeing this promo, curiosity has also arisen in the minds of the audience about this new series. One of these series is, ‘What more do you want from my world!’

Not one but four new co-series will be aired on Zee Marathi channel in the next few days. The new co-series includes ‘Majhi Tujhe Reshmagath’, ‘Man Jhalam Bajind’, ‘Ti Paraat Aaliye’ and ‘Tujhya Maa Sansara Aur Ke Havan’. The series ‘Tujya Majya Sansara and Ke Havan’ will be aired from Monday to Saturday, August 30 at 9 pm on Zee Marathi. According to the promo of the series, Amrita Pawar will be seen in the lead role in the series.

In the promo of this series released, it is written that, ‘Preparation is not for competitive exams, preparation is for the world…!!’ It is being speculated that it should be a family series. Apart from Amrita, the information of other actors of the series has been kept in the bouquet. Meanwhile, at the time when this new series is going to air, the series ‘Majha Hoshil Na’ is being telecast. Now the curiosity of the audience has reached Shige whether the series will say goodbye or change its timing.

Amrita has previously worked in the Jijamata series. So in the field of acting, he has done doubles through this series. She later appeared in the series Lalit 205 alongside actor Sangram Salvi.

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