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What were the challenges in realizing Purnima Rao Gaikwad? Priya Bapat says…

What was the challenge in realizing the character of Poornima Rao Gaikwad?
– I’m quick to react. There is nothing to keep in mind. But Purnima is not like that. He has kept many things in his mind for many years. It took time for the first season to understand all this. But director Nagesh Kukunoor was also with him. The whole journey turned interesting in the second season. Because I have played Purnima in the last ten episodes. I knew where I had taken that character. So I searched for the details of that character. Various aspects and forms of that character came to the fore. After spending time with one person, I began to understand how she might think, react, as in the second season.

How do you watch OTT (Over the Top)?
The most important thing is that OTT was also with the audience during the lockdown. This medium entertained the audience sitting at home. This medium gives you freedom as a viewer. This gives me the freedom to choose what I want to watch. OTT allows everyone to choose according to their preference.

What do you think about the film being shown on OTT?
Separate films should be made especially for OTT. Because I prefer watching movies to cinema. It’s fun to watch the film on the big screen. But there are films on certain subjects or types, which are made only from the point of view of showing on OTT. They would love to watch the film on OTT.

0 What are your movie-series selection criteria?
– Best code. If I had a stomach ache after reading Samhita or had any doubts about whether I would be able to complete that character, I would. The character I am playing may be small, but I like to do it even if the story is very strong.

Have you decided to take a break from the film or is there some other reason?
– I do not have the code of strength. There is a feeling of sadness. It is a matter of satisfaction to have such a strong series.

What do you think should be done to compensate for the loss of entertainment during the Corona period?
However, there is still uncertainty. This wound will gradually heal. Everyone has to give time to recover.

What was the turning point in the focus on fitness?
I started going to Parulekar Saran from 2015. Since then I have developed a passion for exercising. Fitness should also be considered as a requirement for each character. I took power training on how each character’s body language should be, how the character should stand. Exercises were modified according to personality. I liked it so much that it became a part of my life.

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