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When will you be seen in Marathi films again? Mrinal Thakur…

Sampada Joshi

Tell us about your role in the movie ‘Toofan’.
I have played the role of Ananya in the film. She is an independent minded, self-reliant and learned girl. Being a doctor, she works to make people laugh. There is a person in everyone’s life who shows you the right direction, that person is unique in cinema.

What did the role of Ananya give you?
This role taught me a lot. I used to be an actor when this film was made; But as a man also many good things happened to me. Also, this role gave me the strength to face any situation.

What is your attitude towards competition in entertainment?
I still can’t believe that I am a Bollywood actress. I am only worried about doing good work. I use my energy in work, in acting. Negativity can arise when we compare. So I try to give 100 percent according to my ability.

0 What is your fitness mantra?
Staying fit is very important in the current difficult times. It also requires a lot of exercise. Apart from gym and yoga, I have also started mixed martial arts and beat boxing. All I want to say to everyone is to take care of yourself. Learn an art or sport.

0 When will you be seen in Marathi films again?
– coming soon. I am waiting for a better code.

What do you think about OTT (Over the Top)?

OTT is a very good medium. Given the current situation, actors cannot ask the audience to go to the cinema and watch the film. But on OTT, the audience can see their beloved artists any number of times. OTT showed our film when there was negative atmosphere everywhere and hence the audience got positive; It’s a pleasure.

After getting so much publicity, would you like to work on the small screen again?
– Will definitely like. Basically the thing should be good and if it is good then I am ready to work in any medium, any language.

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