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Where does mother do? Sanai will play four times in Deshmukh’s house

MumbaiThe series, which often comes first in the TRP list, is on a bold turn at the moment. After the divorce of Arundhati and Anirudh, the marriage of Anirudh and Sanjana was shown. Since Kanchan does not like Anirudh’s marriage, he always talks to Sanjana. However, Arundhati treats Sanjana well. But, after many difficulties, finally happy moments will come in the Deshmukh family. Abhishek and Anagha will get married soon. A photo of Anagha wearing a mangalsutra is going viral on social media.

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Ankita tries to commit suicide on the day of Abhi and Anagha’s sugar. So under pressure, Abhishek married Ankita. However, when the truth comes out, Abhishek throws Ankita out of the house. Then Abhishek asks Anagha to give her a chance. Abhishek is dreaming of starting life with Abhishek. There is happiness in the Deshmukh family as Arundhati informs her family about her decision. Netizens speculate that Abhi and Anagha’s wedding will also be shown in the series soon. Because in the show, blind actress Ashwini Mahagade has shared a photo of herself in a sari. In this, she is seen wearing a mangalsutra. So the fans have come to this conclusion.

Viewers are also desperate to see Abhi and Anagha’s wedding. Viewers are sure that Anagha will also take care of the house like Arundhati. Hence the audience is in a hurry to see Anagha as Deshmukh’s gold.

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