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Where does the mother- ‘I have really escaped from Arundhati’s pain’, shared Madhurani Gokhale

Mumbai- The emotional twist of the series ‘Kahan Karti Hai Maa Kya Karti Hai’ on Star Pravah is wowing everyone’s mind at this time. Anirudh and Arundhati’s 25-year marriage finally broke down. After the divorce, Arundhati left Deshmukh’s house. Tears welled up in the eyes of the audience as Arundhati felt the same pain she felt when she left the house and her men.

Actress Madhurani Gokhale-Prabhulkar, playing the character of Arundhati, has also expressed her feelings by posting an emotional post. In this post, Madhurani said, ‘The biggest challenge in Arundhati’s life is to see the world that she has been uprooted for 25 years, leaving the people who saved her life, till now annihilating our existence, starting anew that. How much pain will you be going through? In all these past episodes, we all have literally gone through Arundhati’s pain and we are overwhelmed by the kind response from the audience.’

‘The many phone calls and messages show how involved everyone is in Arundhati. I want to thank God and the Goddess of Color for playing this role again and again. I am forever indebted to Star Prava Vahini, Producer Rajan Shahi, Writers Namita Vartak and Mugdha Godbole, Director Ravindra Karmarkar and all the co-stars. Audiences have played an important role in Arundhati’s journey till date. I hope you will continue to support me.’

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