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Why did you accept the series after so many years? Ajunahi Barsaat Aahe actress Mukta Barve talks about her return to TV and future projects

Sampada Joshi

What did you think of accepting the series after so many years?
– I like to do series. Let’s do a series, this was on my mind for a long time. But there was not enough time. It was not possible to make a series by handling plays and films. The theaters closed due to the lockdown and I won’t be doing plays anytime soon, so could have taken the time for the series. But I also wanted a good code. Liked the story of this series and said yes.

Many popular actors turned to the small screen in the lockdown. How do you see this competition?
– The contest is for the channel. I do not think so. I’m fine, my job is fine! Keep up the good work It can’t compete with others, so I don’t think so.

0 You have worked for audio books. How was that experience?
– Very good. I did audio plays and two novels intermittently. That was fun. Because you are the only one to do this. All the roles are up to you. Would definitely like to do more work in this medium.

You are careful when choosing any personality. Do you think this is a loss?
– No. I like to do fun things. The work is less, but the quality of the work remains. If I had accepted all the work, I would have got more money, but it would have been fun. The role is not accepted without being liked. So when I am asked to name my favorite job, I have a question. I was striking a balance while working in all three mediums. So I didn’t think about the loss etc.

Is there any pressure from the entertainment industry, co-stars or close people to work?
– No. Nothing like this happens. I am outspoken If I don’t like the role, I don’t. It often happens that the director is a good friend and the producer wants me to play the role. But the director himself says, ‘I read the story. But this role is not right for you. I think you need to be in that role mentally as well.

Is it difficult that the government does not give much importance to entertainment in the Corona era?
Corona coming and lockdown is a very sudden thing. There is a big crisis all over the world. No one has a list of how to deal with this situation. It is true that other businesses started. There was also an attempt to start filming. In a way, inviting the audience to the theater would have been like inviting disease. But this led to the loss of the play. People working behind the scenes are facing problems. I have doubts as to whether this solution is possible or reasonable. Now it has to be seen whether the actors who are completely dependent on the drama at the moment get help from the government or not. If the policy of the government is not to start drama or theatre, then the actors who depend on it should be helped financially.

The audience of the 0 series is divided into two generations. How are you reacting?
Youngsters are also liking the theme of the series. Whatever is going on in his house is happening in the series. Young people first want to focus on their career. They are in no hurry to get married. But parents are left behind, such pictures can be seen in every home. So that the youth can see themselves in us. The authors of the series are appreciated. They both deal with their confidence as they choose to start their sporting activities.

What do you think about OTT (Over the Top)?

This type of web series is the best. Different methods are being adopted for this. If I had worked there, I might have been able to do something different myself.

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