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Why is Raigad Fort not being renovated? Amol Kolhe told the important reason

0 Mumbai, Delhi and Shirur; How do you solve this math?
– I shoot four days a week in Mumbai. Two days in Shirur for the constituency and Sunday for the family. However, when Parliament is in session, the math is reversed. I am in Delhi for the whole day of the convention. If he has free time, he comes to Mumbai to shoot for the film. Often the time reserved for the family is given to the people of my neighborhood. But, while doing all this, nothing should be overlooked even by mistake; That’s my effort.

0 You got hurt while filming an adventure scene a few days ago; On what occasion did this happen?
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj gave a guerilla war to the world. In the history of Marathas, Maharaj had done many surgical strikes using this guerilla poem. Attack on Shahiste Khan from inside Lal Mahal is surgical strike in Shivshahi! I had fallen behind while filming this adventure. When I fell down, I had a minor injury in the back of my back. But, when it comes to Shivrai Sakara, this pain doesn’t seem too significant.

The central government is working on the Cinematograph Amendment Bill 2021. If this law is passed, then the central government will get the right to stop the screening of films even after getting the certificate of censor. What do you think about it?
It is a hold on freedom of expression. It is wrong to try to suppress arts and crafts in this way when the world is open to cinema and entertainment. The Central Government retains authority in this regard; So why the censor board was created? The government should let the censor board do its work without any interference. Senior Director Dr. I remember the story told by Jabbar Patel. He had said, ‘When Singhson was coming to the cinema, there was a meeting between Sharad Pawar and Yashwantrao Chavan. This movie may criticize you; One such conclusion emerged in this discussion. Then Pawarji had said; It is their right to criticize. If they think you are wrong, they should criticize you. What is the point of looking at that criticism as a mirror?’ I think the central government should adopt this attitude.

Theater workers have been demanding help from the state government for the last four months. Is this an incompetence or limitation of the cultural department?
The economic cycle of the state has come to a standstill due to the situation of Corona. Theater workers should get help as soon as possible. I am of the same opinion. But, at present, there are some criteria for giving relief package. Unfortunately, that is not the case. But the department did not refuse financial help. thinking about it. There is also a belief that the money raised from SEZ cinema and drama tickets can be used only for the workers of the industry. This will help the artists financially.

It was like during the time of Raigad Maharaj; Why was it not restored like this? Is it politics or insufficient will?
Raigad was like three and a half hundred years ago; I also want to see him emerge again. But, the issue of conservation is somewhat complicated. Fort protection and cleanliness are two different issues. I also want Raigad to be restored; But, in this also Shiva devotees have two views. Some want full restoration; Some people want Raigad to be nurtured. So it is expected to work in Golden Mean. The state government has constituted a committee for conservation. Even though I am not in this committee, but being a Shiva devotee my support will always be there.

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