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Why is someone spying on Rahul Gandhi who is unable to run the Congress party?

Sambit Patra

New Delhi: BJP spokesperson Sanjit Patra on Wednesday said there was no reason to spy on Rahul Gandhi as he had threatened the Congress in an attempt to silence the BJP over the Pegasus issue.

“If they have any weapon on the phone, they do not register complaints and only hold press conferences. Why is anyone eyeing Rahul Gandhi? They are unable to run the Congress party. How to spy on him? Rahul ji, you need to check your phone,” reported ANI.

Prime Minister Modi calls meetings on important issues, but Congress boycotts him. You (Rahul Gandhi) malice (Pegasus) are important to us. You are saying that Kovid-19 is not important. You are playing with people’s lives. You are suppressing people’s voices.

Patra said that if the opposition is more concerned about saving their families, then Prime Minister Modi will focus on the development of the country. “What do the opposition parties want? They have only one goal and that is to save their families.

Only Rahul and Priyanka want to settle down politically. PM Modi’s only concern is to set India on the path of development. The public understands the unity of the opposition,” he said.

Patra has come out with Rahul Gandhi’s allegation that Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have tarnished India’s democracy by “using Pegasus against India and its institutions”.

Speaking to reporters after a meeting with opposition leaders, Gandhi said the opposition had only one question – whether the Indian government had bought the Israeli spyware Pegasus as a “weapon against its own people”.

Gandhi questioned why the matter was not discussed in the House. He emphasized that the opposition did not harass Parliament by upholding the issue, but “merely fulfilling our responsibility”.

“We are asking whether the government has bought Pegasus and kept an eye on Indians,” the Congress leader said. He argued that the Pegasus controversy was “not a matter of privacy” but “anti-nationalism”. Narendra Modi and Amit Shah have used Pegasus against India and its institutions to strike at the spirit of Indian democracy,” Gandhi said.

On Tuesday, Gandhi chaired a meeting of opposition party leaders in the Lok Sabha to decide whether to engage in the Pegasus spyware phone hacking case and pressurize the government to debate Shah’s presence.

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(Rahul Gandhi Sambit Patra hits back at Congress in Pegasus row

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