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Wife beaten, mentally tortured, complaint filed against Yo Yo Honey Singh

Mumbai: Bollywood’s famous pop and rap singer Yo Yo Honey Singh has been accused of domestic violence. Honey Singh’s wife Shalini has filed a petition against him in Delhi’s Thirty Thousand Court under the Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act. Thirty thousand courts of Delhi have sent notices to Honey Singh and sought his reply.

Honey Singh’s wife Shalini Talwar filed a complaint on Tuesday before Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh of Thirty Thousand Court. After that a case was registered against him. After registering the case against Honey Singh, Metropolitan Magistrate Tania Singh sent him a notice.

In the complaint filed by Shalini, Honey Singh has alleged that she was beaten up, sexually abused, mentally harassed and financially duped. Along with Honey, her parents and sister have also been accused of assault, harassment and exploitation.

Thirty thousand court notices have been issued against Honey on Shalini Talwar’s petition. They have been asked to reply before August 28. The court also issued a clear direction not to sell the joint property of both and not to take any decision regarding Shalini’s dowry.

Who is Honey Singh?

Yo Yo Honey Singh’s real name is Hardesh Singh. Originally from Punjab, Hardesh became famous as Yo Yo Honey Singya after the film ‘Cocktail’. She sang the song ‘English Beat’ starring Deepika Padukone and Saif Ali Khan. This song became very popular.

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In 2014, Honey Singh first introduced his wife Shalini to everyone through the reality show ‘India’s Rockstar’. Meanwhile, everyone was surprised to see Honey Singh’s wife, because most people did not know that Honey Singh was married. Honey and Shalini knew each other for many years. They got married in 2011. Honey Singh had carved a niche for himself in Hindi cinema with his voice. At the height of his fame, he suddenly disappeared. According to later reports, Honey had gone on a diet containing peanuts and drugs. So he was sent to the detox center.

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