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Will Malhar bring a new storm in ‘Jeeva Majha Guntala’?

Mumbai-Shweta is always a little scared because of the magazine issue in the Jeev Majha Guntala series. Because of the defect in Malhar’s magazine, he can marry a girl who has the same defect in the magazine. However, everything went awry due to changes in the magazine. Malhar’s marriage was fixed at a distance from Shweta.

Antara, Malhar and Malhar’s family members are unaware of this. Antar’s birthday will be celebrated at home and Malhar and his family think that it is Shweta’s birthday and that’s why Malhar is planning a surprise for her. Now it has to be seen whether the special surprise sent by Malhar for Shweta on Antar’s birthday will bring happiness in the family or will there be a new storm.

In the next few episodes we will know what is going to happen remotely. Niyati wants to bring Malhar and Antara together. To find out whether Malhar and Antara’s yarn will match due to a defect in Distance Magazine, you should watch the next part of the Jeev Majha Guntala series.

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