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Will you turn to acting after music, reality shows? Rahul Vaidya…

0 You have been runner-up in both the reality shows ‘Indian Idol’ and ‘Bigg Boss’; Feeling like we have ‘run out gas’ emotionally?– Be the runner-up; It’s a matter of luck for me. Some contestants win the show and the contestants win hearts. One who conquers the mind; He remains in the race till the end. Your goal should definitely be to win the trophy. But it is more important to win the hearts of the audience, to win their love. which is happening to me. For this I consider myself lucky and satisfied.

What scares you the most on the occasion of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ and how did you overcome it?– I am afraid of snakes and water. That fear has subsided with the opportunity of ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’. The first task was that of snakes. Also most of the other works had water. This show taught me one thing. ie; Everything is in our mind and if we stabilize the mind then everything becomes easy.

Any thoughts on how to turn to acting?I get acting offers again and again. I was asked to play the lead role in the upcoming series. But, I refused. Because, shooting a series takes a lot of time. I would not have collected it. But, would prefer to turn to acting through films or web series.

0 What do you have in mind about the new journey of life?– I am definitely looking forward to the new journey. The love and blessings of the audience are with me. I understand that. I participated in the show ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’; But the real ‘Khatron Ke Khiladi’ I am going to make now after marriage. My wife’s direction has definitely given ‘direction’ to my life.

What is your opinion on the allegation that reality shows deliberately bring drama and ask the examiners to praise the contestants?Reality shows are made to entertain the audience. What’s the point of turning something for him? If a simple show is broadcast on TV, will it be seen by the audience? Producers try to decorate their event professionally. But, what the testers should and should not say; It is wrong to say this and plan it in advance.

What will be your next journey in the field of music?Many music albums were closed due to the lockdown. Now they are completing it one by one. Some of these albums also want to be filmed. Also, I am looking forward to performing live in front of a large audience.

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