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Women’s Health: What Can Happen If You’re Overweight To Lose Weight? Here are tips from experts

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Food is important for the development of every organism. Nutrition is important, not just food. Experts say that there is also a discipline and order in the consumption of food. You should consult experts regarding your health. Eat snacks that are thin and skip foods that are too thick. This is what girls do for fitness. Due to low weight, bakery food is being eaten more. He shared the opinion that it would cause illness.

Which foods should be eaten and which foods should not be eaten in excess, it is related to the nature of their body. Cholesterol should be present in every human being. The problem of obesity occurs when more cholesterol or calories are added to our body than the cholesterol that can fit in our body. If some people have concerns about being fat then I have gone ahead. Therefore I eat all that I have seen, and eat all day. Never make this mistake alone, say experts. nutritionist TV9 Kannada by Veena Bhatt Shirazi Also some tips for women and girls.

Always take regular diet. Food should be given on time. Take a more nutritious diet. College going girls do not cook lunch. This can cause pain in your stomach, acidity problem. Instead, they serve bakery foods. Bakery foods can help you gain weight. But it increases the level of cholesterol. During the menstrual cycle of young women, they should give up on bakery foods and feed nutrients to the stomach. Hunger can make you sick.

Avoid Junk Food
Junk food can taste good. But deep frying in oil can be bad for health. Consuming junk food during hunger can increase cholesterol levels. Being bold can also spoil your health. So if you want to keep your body healthy then eat nutritious food along with regular food. Include pulses in your diet. It is good practice to consume naam giri, sprouted kernels. This helps in making the body strong.

get up early and get up early
Young girls should always get up early. Get up early, wash your face and do some exercise. It helps in making your body strong. Pranayama, meditation, the mind is controlled. Along with this, the hunger of the stomach will happen automatically. Have breakfast in the morning. Then your body will develop on its own. Health also improved.

exercise exercise
If you wake up early in the morning, you may find yourself exercising or jogging or jogging in the evening. Your body needs to be exhausted from exercise, sweaty. The bacteria in your body are destroyed. Improves digestion system in the stomach. The food you eat is what your health is accustomed to. Let this exercise be representative.

No need to worry if everyone is too skinny or too fat. Yoga can improve your health through exercise and exercise. Get your health checked by the nearest doctor. Experts advise you to consult a good yoga expert and indulge yourself in yoga.

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