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Ye Kashi Tashi Meal Nandyala: ‘How Aaye…’ will understand the truth of Sweetu and Mohit’s relationship at an interesting turn

Mumbai– The audience’s favorite series ‘How to Come, I Want to Bath’ is ready to win the hearts of the audience once again. The viewers of the series were quite upset as Sweetu got married to Mohit. The series was heavily trolled on social media for not showing Sweetu and Omkar’s marriage. Everyone’s favorite series was suddenly disliked by the audience. But, once again the audience is going to see what the audience is expecting in the series. Onkar will understand the truth behind Sweetu and Mohit’s relationship.

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Sweetu and Mohit were getting married when Omkar went to save Sweetu’s father. But, Sweetu keeps Mohit away from herself by saying that she has no matrimonial relationship. So Omkar turns bad and returns to Khanvilkar’s house so that Sweet forgets his love and accepts Mohit. But, Omkar does not succeed in his endeavor as Sweetu is still in love with Omkar. As shown in the promo of the series, Omkar is now going to become Sweetu’s father-in-law. There Omkar will come to know about Sweetu and Mohit’s relationship. Sweetu will then ask Omkar about his efforts.

Viewers are eager to see Omkar and Sweetu together. Viewers are happy as the story of the series will now take a different turn. Now what happens next in the series? What will Omkar actually decide? Will Sweetu and Omkar come together? Will Malavika do anything wrong again? Viewers are eager to see it.

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