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You are seen roaming in sarees in foreign countries too, are you setting a new trend? Taapsee says…

You seem to be constantly trying to do something different from the roles…
I have always worked with this strategy in my journey so far. Rani Kashyap got a different role. It is difficult to fit these roles into any one adjective. I always mark the world beyond the roles I cast.

Doesn’t it feel risky to cast the heroine in the role of a little villain?
Audience also gives response to such roles. The challenge is to play the role without letting the expectations or feelings of the heroine get in the way. As a heroine, I definitely like such roles. Working without risk is not fun.

You’re doing two sports movies at the same time…
– Of course, I am doing both films because of my passion for sports. There is a lot of fitness and hard work like those players. It took a lot of hard work to get that kind of physique. Hardly so much hard work has been done for any other film.

There is a constant discussion about the arrival of feminist films.
Once upon a time there was a kind of artwork in Bollywood, people give it the name Dhala. I don’t think it’s feminine or masculine. Of course the number of such films is increasing, which is very good. Just as there are heroes in films, heroines also have them. It is important that they are appreciated.

You can be seen walking around in a cool saree. Are you setting a new trend?
There is a different image of saree in people’s mind. The saree is difficult to carry and carry. I used to have some trouble earlier; but
Southern movies got me used to it. I have my own collection of sarees. I like to wear modern style saree. It doesn’t matter whether your dress is worn outside or not.

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