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‘You must come and watch live’; Raj Kundra told Ajinkya Rahane:

‘You must come and watch live’; Raj Kundra told Ajinkya Rahane:

Shilpa Shetty’s husband Raj Kundra has been arrested for making a blue film. Several old tweets have gone viral since his arrest. Along with this, memes are also being made on this.

Raj Kundra, the vice-captain of the Team India Test team, had a tweet in 2012. Rahane praised Raj. This tweet is now becoming quite viral. At the same time, everyone laughs on this matter. Here’s the answer to why Rahane praised Raj Kundra.

Rahane played for Rajasthan Royals in 2012. Rahane played for RR team till 2019. Raj Kundra was the co-owner of the RR team in 2012. During this, a tweet written by Rahane has now become the food of troll pages.

What’s in the Tweet?

Rahane said, “Raj Kundra sir, you are doing a great job.” ‘Thanks Rahane. You have to come and watch it live once,’ Raj replied. The north is a ‘definite see’ from North Rahane’s side.

What did the Mumbai Police say?

The case was registered in the Crime Branch on February 2021. We knew that we were shooting for Blue Movie and uploading it through some apps. Today (July 19) we arrested Raj Kundra. Ruwari is his for the whole affair. The investigation is in progress. “We will not say anything till the investigation is over,” Mumbai Police said in a statement.

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