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Young dancing queen judge Mayur Vaidya ties the knot with Madhura Deshpande – Choreographer Mayur Vaidya takes Sugarplum Maharashtra Times

Mumbai: Mayur Vaidya, the examiner of the small screen reality show ‘Young Dancing Queen’, ate Chinese pudding with his best friend Madhura Deshpande. Mayur shared the news of his sugar crash with the fans by sharing a photo on Instagram. After this post of Mayur, his fans as well as the artists have started congratulating him for the year.

Mayur has shared a beautiful photo of Madhura and her on his Instagram. Sharing this photo, he wrote, ‘I am going to marry my best friend soon.’ While writing this, he tagged Madhura Deshpande. After Mayur posted this, his friends and fans in the entertainment industry started congratulating him. In the Youth Dancing Queen program, along with Mayur Vaidya, candidate Phulwa Khamkar also congratulated both of them.

From this post, Mayur did not tell when he would get married. But it is expected that he will announce the date of marriage soon. Mayur Vaidya is a renowned choreographer and also a Kathak expert. Madhura Deshpande is also a Kathak expert and has done her MA in Music. degree. Mayur has done many Kathak shows in India and abroad till now. She has also worked as an examiner for a reality show called Youth Dancing.

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