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Yuvaratna First Half Review: How was Yuvraj’s first half? Fans stunned for Puneet’s entry!

Yuvaratna starring Puneet Rajkumar

Puneet Rajkumar, popularly known as Power Star, starred in the much-awaited film. The release of Yuvraj’s film today on 1st April is a big welcome for the much awaited film. This is the story of the first part of the film Puneet starring as a college boy several days later.

Fans of Power Star Puneet Rajkumar expect a beautiful love story in his cinema with dance, shakt fight and hard-hitting dialogues. Director Santosh Ram has tried to reconcile all these aspects in the first part of the film. Yuvraj’s film begins with a serious theme. The directors never took the entire film seriously. To make people laugh through comedy, to draw audience with love story, is this the story of Munengattappa? The cinema goes on maintaining that suspense.

Puneet in front of audience in Zakat fight

Appu’s entry in the action fight scene is what the fans of Puneet love. Yuvraj’s cinema is the story of the most pressing issues faced by the boys of the present college. Actors who are known for their performances in the film appear in this cinema. Dolly Dhananjay is highlighted in the first half. Dhananjay’s role in cinema is a continuation of Dhananjay’s Dolly character.

Now the clash of Dhananjay and Puneet Raj Kumar thrills the fans. Power of Youth Song grabs the attention of the audience even before the film’s release. After Puneet’s entry into cinema, Power of Youth Song has attracted the attention of the audience by increasing the sound of whistling.

Audience won ‘Ninaade Na’

Actress Sayyeshaa has appeared as a medical college teacher and the first half of the film already has a fan favorite song ‘Ninade Na’. Three fierce fights give a thrill of excitement to the fans. Om picture node? This kind of punching dialogue is highlighted in the first half. The other main characters are actors Diganth, Sai Kumar, Prakash Raj and Sonu Gowda.

Vijay Kiragandur has made Yuvraj’s picture on the logo of Bombay Film Company. And the director of this film is Santosh Anandram. In addition, Karthik Gowda has served as the executive producer. The film’s director Santosh Anandram has written the story, screenplay and dialogues. Sakat kicks in in the promo and the film is composed by S Thaman. Saisha plays the role of an actress in the film. Sakisha and Puneet starred in the film Sakat. The idiocy of the audience in the theater has grown to a grandiose image.

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